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Mastering your Business with the Power

of the Elements.

In the workshop series in Athens we are integrating information of many different archetypes.

Blueprints of very strong male, very strong female, the warriors and much more.

Working with all these different archetypes really brings you back into embodiment.

It is resetting the DNA, resetting the genetic memory fields and resetting consciousness.

We also working continuously with the brain, an all the way you wired your brain through the old programming, the old habits, the old societies believe systems.

We are blowing away your mindset, so you can reboot your system in a more conscious way, more fluent so that it is more connected to your own being.



27. - 29. NOVEMBER 2020

Ground your wisdom and strengthen the roots of your business to bring in safety and stability. Create structure and manifest results.

Soon More


Visiting the ancient sites here in Greece changes me completely. 

When I go there I feel the different fields are supporting me to remember something inside me or shift something that was stuck in me.

It helps me remember my strength it gives me courage and brings balance back in different parts in me.

I feel that they are living field, they are not only old rocks, they are living and still active fields of information.

When you really honor and respect them, they want to share the information with you. So I can feel that the ancient sites especially the ones I feel drawn to, they have got a really clear blueprint system information for politics, finances, health, science, sexuality, healing the emotional body and so much more.

For example here at the acropolis, the state were people where planning for different cities and different countries, there is a lot of power here. Consciousness leaders were consciously planning and that information is still here to find.

So when I am in this information, I am merge into it and it helps me to remember, to change something which wasn't in my system before because it isn't in my ancestor lines and so I couldn't get it from them.
It's helping me to clear my genetic programming which is in my subconscious field and that is affecting me in my daily life.


I open up and connect to the fields and have a powerful blueprint of a father who got the courage to stand up for his son, to really watch his back and support him, nourish him and be present for him.

That gives me the power to go out and manifest in the world. I take action and bring my ideas down to earth.

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