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Single Session


In this one hour session I will hold space to where you are right now in your life and you can bring in whatever topics you will like to have support with. 

I open a space for you to transform what is in the way of your core truth. 

My intention always is to find what part of you and your life that is not in flow with life force.

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Each session is unique and shows up exactly what is blocking your highest potential in this given moment. 

We are energetic beings in physical bodies and sometimes the energy in the physical body is frozen, so it blocks your energetic being from flowing into your cells and life. The work shows up all the frozen parts or split parts and melts them back into flow and wholeness.  

It opens a very intimate and safe space for you to connect and feel your soul truth. 

The results of the work: it awakens creation, life force and flow into all areas in your life. 

to approach a private session with Damien it requires self responsibility and an idea about his work. After receiving a booking request we give as clear the fact that you are aware and self reflective about all the process of the session.
Damien schedule is quite busy.

Next spots available from 15 July 2024



1 hour 

€ 333, + VAT


4 life changing sessions in a window of a year

€ 1.212,- + VAT


Kirsten Knors - Life Coach - Meditation & Yoga Teacher - Detox Workshops and more

Return policy: no return possible after 60 days

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