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In this video I share my story with you,
how I discovered my path and my passion
working with the subconscious fields.

I’m delighted to share my interview with Jody Shield on her new podcast 
⚡️Be Electric⚡️.
Jody is a leading wellness entrepreneur and success coach based in London and I’ve had the privilege of working with her over the past 8 years.

In this episode you’ll hear us discuss:
A half successful success and what it means when you don’t fully commit to your next move
How to open up new doors (opportunities) faster
The importance of getting results and how to get them faster
How to follow your intuition and act on it 
How the information in the brain, and your belief systems are directly talking to every cell in your body and influencing the way you behave
I hope you love this episode as much as I did making it!
Thank you Jody Justine Shield and Paul.

Listen now to this episode of Be Electric with Jody Shield on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 

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