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3 webinars to support your airways and your heart



With every breath your lungs transfer fresh oxygen to your bloodstream and to all of your cells as life-sustaining fuel. 

Your respiratory system includes the nose, throat, windpipe and lungs.

The lungs are a very special and different to the other organs in your body and it is very valuable to take a closer look at them. 
The delicate tissues of your lungs is directly connected to the outside environment and can be affected by anything you breathe in.
Especially in this times we have to take special care of them.

In this 3 part webinar series I will support you to strengthen your health from within. 
Not only your lungs and all part of your respiratory system will be includes, we also take care of your heart. 


Are you ready to start living? 

Total embodiment of life force into your respiratory system and heart. 

In this 3 webinars, my intention is, to open the airways and the respiratory system.

I will work with the element metal, which is the element which supports the lungs and is associated with clear thinking, opening up to new ideas, courage, ambitions, inner strength and good communication with life. 

Before doing this I will open a space for you to transform any hidden or consciousness grief or sadness you are carrying in your lungs, respiratory system or your heart. That will bring balance and flow back into your life. 

sinuses bring fresh life to your body, fresh airways, fresh flow, strength and clarity, focus, core courage and  
opening the connection to your third eye


Total expansion of your being into your life. 



You can watch the recordings right after the live webinar took place.
These are all living recordings and by repeating them you will open every time new spaces in yourself and embody deeper into your cells and your respiratory system.  


Euro 132 +VAT

 For anyone who is in financial difficulties due to the corona virus I am offering an extra

44€ reduction with the Voucher code: Breath
(Voucher code must be added while doing the purchase, no refunds if you forget to use the code)

After the payment you will receive an confirmation email from Digistore24, it contains the links for the recordings and you can watch them right away!


Take back your power of your health and support your respiratory system from within.


Return policy: no return possible after 60 days


"Active stem cells in the face, arms, shoulders, belly much more space, felt like connecting to a light above. 
New consciousness of spirit connecting with the body, new power"
Christine A. 


"Thank you so much Damien for your master work - amazing shifts take place feeling light and lots if energy. My respiratory volume has doubled."
Astrid P.


"Thank you very much for this webinar. I was there during the live and today the recording. It works so deep in the whole body. It even helps calm the fears. There is so much space in my lungs, in my cells, the only thing missing is the decision to stop smoking, but that will also come. In today's repetition I felt a lot of heat in my body as if there was a little phoenix in every cell ;) Thank you so much, Damien, for your wonderful work."


"Thank you, Damien. I just come out of watching the recording. My whole body is tingling with fresh energy, there is so much widened space now for everything, and my cells are supercharged with an energy that translates into hope, enthusiasm and the knowledge: There is more to come. My whole being is in charge."




Damien Wynne 
Misaraliotou 1, floor 4
11742 Athens

Telephone: Tel.: +30 694 324 5076
Email: damienwynne69 @

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