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Free Spirits

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

At the present time all our co-dependencies are being striped away from us.
There is no one on this planet not touched by this. 
All classes, boarders broke down. 
All areas of our lives, were we gave our power to others ( banking system, political system, medical system, jobs and more) 
are all breaking down. We are alone to face ourselves and to face who we really are. 

This is the time for the great realization and acceptance of who we are. Great Free Spirits. 
We are eternal spirits that never die.


This is not the first live we have been here, it is like a drop in the ocean in time and experience. This is the time we can accept our greatness of being and embody our wholeness into our physical aspect and lives.  

The spirit is always full of life force.

"Hi Damien, after the webinars on clearing vaccines I experience new spaces of being opening up deep within me. Feels like veils were taken away. And it keeps going deeper " 
Sebastian S. 


"For me it’s difficult to describe... it feels like a big huge incredible journey we all take together and it doesn‘t stop yet. In my body, mind, perception is so much shifting but I can‘t put in words, difficult to explain it. My mind cannot understand yet I think. And it keeps on working so much. With the vaccine topic something in my womb starts to flow and energies are releasing so much that I can feel it flows down the legs until the feet. And it doesn‘t stop. It’s going on. The hole body feels very warm and vibrating, like electricity. And today when I walked outside in the forest, I felt so connected with all the nature. I felt the energies from the trees and I was totally present." 
Janine K.


free spirits



Part 1face and transform our co-dependencies and fears 

Part 2the great birthing of your full being into your physical aspect and your life

These are all living recordings and by repeating them you will open every time new spaces in yourself and embody deeper into your cells and your respiratory system.  


EUR 66 + VAT

 For everyone who is in financial difficulties due to the corona virus I am offering an extra

25 % reduction with the discount code: Star

After the payment you will receive a confirmation email from Digistore24, it contains also the the links for the RECORDINGS. 

You have the possibility to watch them online via YouTube or download the files Video + extra Audio only files from our Dropbox.

Return policy: no return possible after 60 days


Gudrun Wiesinger

After the session I felt very much relaxed. At the same time heavy, like leaning back in myself, and fresh and wide - especially in my lungs and from there up to my head I felt it open, wide and easy to breathe. 
After all the days I can feel "myself filled with myself". Now I am in my body. I am here. Feeling robust, strong and clear when I am in contact with others, with the outside world. I know better who I am. And this is joyful! My inspirations, dreams and ideas now can come to earth easily. And I love now to speak my truth. May others be inspired. Or not.
It´s all ok. I am.


Sebastian Sperling

Hi Damien, after the webinars on clearing vaccines I experience new spaces of being opening up deep within me. Feels like veils were taken away. And it keeps going deeper.

"Active stem cells in the face, arms, shoulders, belly much more space, felt like connecting to a light above. 
New consciousness of spirit connecting with the body, new power"
Christine A. 


"Thank you so much Damien for your master work - amazing shifts take place feeling light and lots if energy. My respiratory volume has doubled."
Astrid P.


"Thank you very much for this webinar. I was there during the live and today the recording. It works so deep in the whole body. It even helps calm the fears. There is so much space in my lungs, in my cells, the only thing missing is the decision to stop smoking, but that will also come. In today's repetition I felt a lot of heat in my body as if there was a little phoenix in every cell ;) Thank you so much, Damien, for your wonderful work."


"Thank you, Damien. I just come out of watching the recording. My whole body is tingling with fresh energy, there is so much widened space now for everything, and my cells are supercharged with an energy that translates into hope, enthusiasm and the knowledge: There is more to come. My whole being is in charge."


Damien Wynne 
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