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Let's make this a powerful shift with a positiv impact in our lives.

It's been a challenging few weeks learning how to deal with the new reality, given from the outer circumstances 

I am sure it has taken a lot of your time and energy. 

Let's reset this and take back your power as a creator. 

Let's go a little into the future and imagine where you would like to be in 1 year from now. 




I will hold space for you to maximize and grow from this experience and clear all fears trauma and subconsciousness believe system that opens up. 


I will also support you to go into a state of creation, balance and start creating your future.


"This "7 days of creation " webinar was an initiation for me. I feel very present and alive in my body now, completely new. There was an intense energy field with Damien and the group, that made miracles happen in my life. I am committed to my new vibration and will do anything to nurture this new life. I know now, I am here on beautiful planet Earth to be a co creator for the New Earth that is birthing now.

Thank you, Damien, from my heart for your limitless sharing and transmission of your wisdom" 

Cornelia  Kopp

"After the webinar with Damien I feel completely new born. I feel wide and calm. My view of "problems" changed to focus on solving the situation. There is no more waste of time discussing the reason for the situation. The new awareness of the nature makes me very happy. I can feel the aura of every single tree caress me when I pass them. All this fells fantastic and makes me feel very happy! Thank you so much Damien for doing this sessions in your unique way and let us be a part of this."

Petra Walchshauser



I created this program with the intention of repeating.
Every time you listen to the recording it will open up a new space for you to embody deeper into your cells and your immune system. 

EUR 200 + VAT

Return policy: no return possible after 60 days

After the payment you will receive a confirmation email from Digistore24, it contains also the the links for the RECORDINGS. 

You have the possibility to watch them online via YouTube or download the files Video + extra Audio only files from our Dropbox.

Take back your power of your choices and create huge shifts from within.


"I can hardly describe what a tremendous change has taken place in my life, that I am still completely overwhelmed, how free of fear and full of love and safety I perceive myself. I never felt like this before!! I am infinitely grateful about the rich present which I have received during the last days."
Cornelia S. 


"When I woke up the next morning, I felt the stemm cells in the whole body, very soft and subtle, and very active. So breath is deeper, feels like feeling the space around me. Looking forward to working and to the day..deep gratitude, Damien, and the whole team!"
Christine A.


"This seminar with Damien had a crucial impact on my life - I am not the one I was before any more and I am very happy and most of all so grateful for this gift!"
Hans W.


"Truly powerful and transforming indeed. My whole body is just shifting to the next level.
That seminar was just a firework for all my inner systems."
Olga K.


"The positive aftermaths of the seminar are so unbelievable - difficult to describe, I arrived in my very core, there is so much peace in me!!  So fulfilling.."
Jeroen v.B.


"Hard to put into words, a mind blowing experience and a deep recognition that is so tremendously joyful. I am so grateful!"
Amayra H. 

Damien Wynne 
Misaraliotou 1, floor 4
11742 Athens

Telephone: Tel.: +30 694 324 5076
Email: damienwynne69 @

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