The flow from the inner world to outer world

and outer world to inner world.

Living  from your true emotional body. 

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Are you tired of being controlled by your emotions?

Do you know what to do and when to do it
but suddenly your emotions are going crazy and you are all over the place?


This workshop is about breaking through the old emotional body with the element of water and the consciousness which is in the field here.

Connected to the ancient wisdom of the element water, we break through the old systems and reconnect to total embodiment and mastery of the element water in you.

That your consciousness is mastering your emotions and working for you to create.

The Element Water

Water stands for life and connects you to your emotional body.
It makes you flow and clears your path from distractions.

Damien Wynne Element Water Workshop

By integrating the element water in your business, you will gain a new focus on what is important in order to reach your goals. Your actions will be no longer affected by external expectations, the direction is clear and given by your thrive. Water creates a wave in the field of opportunities and supports you with its fluidness to be open for them.

Purify your emotions around your business. Induce a momentum with the power of the water and get ready for an increasing flow of money.

We have our mind, consciousness and we have the body mind which is your emotional body. For embodiment and manifestation of your clear visions you need to work with transforming the memories which are in the emotional body and your nervous system. Otherwise this will affect or flow against what you creating.


When you living from your true emotional body...

your spirit will be embodied and when you speak you are connected with your being.

It is not your head who gives the talk, your pure essence is talking and people will feel the difference.

It is like when you are in a concert and there is this special moment when you feel the hair in the neck standing and you have goose bumps all over your body.
People will feel drawn to you and you will have more of an impact when you talk to them and because they can feel you
, you are more trustful and more believable.

To be connected with your emotional body means you are connected to your power of manifestation.

You can create what you are speaking about. There are no more empty words. Speaking from your true being fills your words with your energy and power. Your true being is also connected to the field around you and the field will respond immediately to what you are saying.

There is actions while you speak.

There is manifestation.

Damien Wynne
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In this workshop I will be working with the mind, the subconsciousness and transforming the body mind, the emotional body and nervous system.

I am working with the element water and the power of the element water to wash and transform frozen emotions and bring flow and alignment into pur consciousness.

This way you will learn how to master the element water.

We will be supported by one of the strongest ancient sites in connection with the element water. 

The Ancient Greek Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

This temple is dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea. 

The place is about 70 kilometers away from Athens in the southern region of Attica and was known by Ancient Greeks as the “Sacred Cape.”

Poseidon was the master of the element water. Not only that he mastered the element water in the outer world, he was the master of the water and its power inside his body.

Water is around 70% of your body and your ability to master it has a huge impact in your life. 

It is the difference of being controlled by your emotions or 
to be the master of your emotions. 

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Connect with the water inside you and get ready for your next big shift.


Workshop times

08..05. Friday  04pm - 08pm

09. 05. Saturday  Trip to Cape Sounion

10. 05. Sunday 09am - 13pm

Investment € 444,- + 24%VAT

Total amount € 550,56,-

Entrance-fees & transfer to the ancient site are not included in the workshop-fee.

The times are not set in stone, we go with the flow of group energy. This flexibility gives us the opportunity to get the greatest benefit for all participants.

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Workshop location

Misaraliotou 1, 4. Stock, 11742 Athen

it is only 4 minutes away from the metro station Acropoli




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Wellness Entrepreneur

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