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YOU have the power to heal Yourself. 


In this webinar series I will share with you tools that you can remember to activate and reset your stem cells.

Your whole system will experience a total reset of your belief systems regarding health.

Your body will remember how to heal yourself and from now on work for your highest good.

In regaining life force you bring back balance into your daily life and restore your health in a natural way.

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I will open a space that you can reconnect with all your cells and reactivate your spirit as one consciousness like a bee hive.

So the cells are working as a collective being to thrive. 
I will support you with my experience of working with stem cells to reactivate and empower your stem cells to regenerate and work for you.  

You will receive keys to reset your subconsciousness from fear and sabotage which is bringing your immune system out of balance. 

By clearing this you will reactivate and create space for your life force on a cellular level.


4 Life Changing Webinars

plus one extra support webinar for transforming viruses


I will create with you new healthy habits that you can practice at home with the recordings to reset your subconscious fields and align with your consciousness. 
So you are complete aligned with your body, mind and spirit.


The main topics of each webinar are

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Ancestor Clearing - Epigenetics - releasing genetic information of inherited illnesses, fear of diseases, fear of death and bring in new healthy believe systems.


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Mind & Body mind - clearing all medical diagnosis that you or the collective field had taken into your system, reset your consciousness and take back the power of your experience of your physical body, releasing all memory fields of medical procedures- anesthesia, fear of diseases, reclaiming the responsibility of your health.

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Reclaiming the Power of your Stem Cells -  reconnecting our consciousness to our stem cells through intention to align our stem cells to the greatest regeneration as possible .


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Transforming viruses -  working with bio-magnetism to bring balance back on the cellular level and using the power of the magnets to transform viruses.



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Activation of your Immune system -  reconnection with higher consciousness to connect mind body spirit as one - total embodiment of you in your cells.


"I just want to share that I’ve already been healing over these last three sessions. a stretched ligament isn’t painful anymore, my chronic temperature is down, I feel more in my body and my spirit is lighter.  I totally link this to the last two sessions. Ah yes, and old residue from a pericardial inflammation of two years ago has been clearing too through the meridians running through my arms. big gratitude for this work and my inner genius."
Kathrin A.


It is always the right time to jump in!


+ live webinar 

18.03.2020 9pm  Athens

These are all living recordings. 

I created this program with the intention of repeating.
Every time you listen to the recording it will open up a new space for you to embody deeper into your cells and your immune system. 


 I wanted to support you all so I gave a very special offer on this package 
The regular price is Euro 176 +VAT

for this one time offer it's 

EUR 88 + VAT


The webinars take place on Zoom and will be live streamed on YouTubeLive

After the payment you will receive an confirmation email from Digistore24, it contains the login data and the links for the webinar as well as the link for the recording!


Return policy: There is no right of return for online seminars and events.


Take back your power of your health and support your immune system from within.


Depending on the group field, the webinars will take approximately 1 hour.

Time zones
9 pm Athens (GMT+2)
8 pm Berlin, Germany (GMT+1)
7 pm United Kingdom (GMT)
3 pm New York, NY, USA (GMT-5)


"Active stem cells in the face, arms, shoulders, belly much more space, felt like connecting to a light above. 
New consciousness of spirit connecting with the body, new power"
Christine A. 
"Thank you so much Damien for your master work - amazing shifts take place feeling light and lots if energy. My respiratory volume has doubled."
Astrid P.


"Thank you very much for this webinar. I was there during the live and today the recording. It works so deep in the whole body. It even helps calm the fears. There is so much space in my lungs, in my cells, the only thing missing is the decision to stop smoking, but that will also come. In today's repetition I felt a lot of heat in my body as if there was a little phoenix in every cell ;) Thank you so much, Damien, for your wonderful work."


"Thank you, Damien. I just come out of watching the recording. My whole body is tingling with fresh energy, there is so much widened space now for everything, and my cells are supercharged with an energy that translates into hope, enthusiasm and the knowledge: There is more to come. My whole being is in charge."


Damien Wynne 
Misaraliotou 1, floor 4
11742 Athens
Telephone: Tel.: +30 694 324 5076
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