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Business Strategy Consultation 

Your business is ready to go to the next level, you know where you want to be but there is something in the way.


In this two hour consultation we are taking an overview look at your business on all levels.

I will scan you and the system of your company and see where you are at the moment,
what's in the way of taking your business to the next level and what changes you need to make

whats behind your vision, how is your relationship with money, where is your joy and what is your WHY.


My gift is to pinpoint what is the seed of the topic and to see where your qualities are hiding and open them into your life and business. 


This is for someone who wants to put their business out into the world 
or you have a running business and want to refresh the whole system to bee ready for the next level.


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Investment for the 2 hour
Business Strategy Consultation

€ 1.000,- + VAT

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Jody Shield - Successor Leadership Coach - Podcaster - Autor &
Wellness Entrepreneur


Gabriela Hearst - Designer - World changer, serving on the Save the Children's Board of Trustees

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